The Eternal 27's Club

The Eternal 27´s Club

The Eternal 27's Club

By: Alexandra Roma

470 pages

Julien Meadow was the boy with the eternal smile, who sang in the garage with his brother and fell in love with a pair of brave eyes hidden behind pink highlights, the eyes of Crysta.

He never expected that, from a video he uploaded to YouTube, he would become famous. Suddenly, his voice flooded the world and his face was all over the news. Julien must confront a new universe that is full of highs and lows, luxury, chaos and power. A world in which you become addicted to spotlights that burn and words that bite. A world in which you miss the embrace of a giant or the kisses of paint strokes.

Everyone knows that Julien Meadow is the most successful singer in the world. Only some remember that he was a person.



Alexandra Roma

About Alexandra Roma

Alexandra Roma (Madrid, 1987) is a journalist and script writer. She has published Un océano entre tú y yo (An Ocean between You and Me), Aura cambia las zapatillas por zapatos de tacón (Aura Changes Her Shoes for Shoes with Heels), Aura tira los tacones y echa a volar (Aura Throws Her Heels and Flies Away), Capturé tu mirada en una fotografía (I Captured Your Glance in a Photograph) and Latidos de una bala (Beats of a Bullet) with Planeta publishing.

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