Until the Wind Returns Your Smile

Until the Wind Returns Your Smile

By: Alexandra Roma

568 pages

What happens to the queen of the ball when she finishes high school? April had it all: the boy of her dreams, a scholarship to a prestigious university and a promising future in New York. But sometimes life leads us down bumpy roads and it only took two blinding headlights and a desperate man to snatch her dreamed fairy-tale ending. Her entire life is in ruins. April clings to her memories and an uncertain future. However, just when she least expects it, a ghost from the past returns. Someone who has been broken and put back together so many times that he could have the formula so that she can manage to make it too.


Alexandra Roma

About Alexandra Roma

Alexandra Roma (Madrid, 1987) is a journalist and script writer. She has published Un océano entre tú y yo (An Ocean between You and Me), Aura cambia las zapatillas por zapatos de tacón (Aura Changes Her Shoes for Shoes with Heels), Aura tira los tacones y echa a volar (Aura Throws Her Heels and Flies Away), Capturé tu mirada en una fotografía (I Captured Your Glance in a Photograph) and Latidos de una bala (Beats of a Bullet) with Planeta publishing.

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