The Next Frontier

The Next Frontier

La próxima frontera

By: Albert Figueras

240 pages

Managing to walk on the moon, reaching the south pole, being able to record and reproduce voice or being able to send an email from Barcelona to a remote bar in the jungles of Borneo in a few seconds are achievements of humanity that have a common denominator: the will of Homo sapiens to cross borders which have seemed uncrossable to many of their fellow men. The Next Frontier invites you to accompany Homo sapiens from the time he began to walk from some place on the African continent, to being able to connect with any other person through social media: an intense, curious and unconventional journey in search of our limits with machines and our differences with animals to try to figure out what makes us human.


Albert Figueras

About Albert Figueras

Albert Figueras (Barcelona, 1961) is a doctor and professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. In addition to works of fiction in Catalan, he has published the scientific dissemination trials Pequeñas Grandes Cosas (Little Big things) (2007), Ubuntu - El triunfo de la concordia (Ubuntu - The Triumph of Harmony) (2010) and Pura felicidad (Pure Happiness) (2012), all by Plataforma Publishing.

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