A lost maternity's story

By: Marta Aguilar

144 pages


What does it mean not to have had children for a woman? Moving account by woman who hasn't had children by a bestselling Spanish author

This is a gripping account of the deeply felt, sincere despair endured by a woman who has not been able, despite titanic efforts, to bear children.


Childless takes a serene look at the unsoundable void barren women have to face, and the harsh rootlessness derived from it.


Marta Aguilar let’s us glance at her naked soul, and shares with us the most intimate and deep realizations a woman can share after having been through, among other tribulations, severel unsuccesful fertilty treatments and an abortion.Despite all this, she manages to tell her story without bitterness or cinicism, or holding

her tongue.


Marta Aguilar

About Marta Aguilar

Marta Aguilar (pseudonym) (1948) holds various degrees in literature as well as a doctorate in Sociology, and has expanded her knowledge through postgraduate courses in several American and European universities. She has also been a professor and a researcher for a long time, although lately she has been focusing on her career as a lecturer and specialized press contributor. She is a tireless traveler, and has lived in many places. At the moment, she resides in Madrid, Spain.

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