Women of the Sandwich Generation

Women of the Sandwich Generation

Burdoned with the family

By: Milagros Álvarez Gortari

168 pages

Familt - Current Affairs

Survival manual for when parents and children ask for help

Although it may look like it, taking care of our parents in their old age and our children, who think the family home is the best hotel in the world, while keeping the house clean and having an intense working-life is neither normal, nor easy. But this is the reality for a whole generation of women who, generous and yet overworked, solve the problems as best they can and efficiently request government subsidies which are scarce, if not unobtainable. “And what can one do?” I asked myself, having a difficult mother and an enormous family, after having an anxiety attack. Well, the answer you’ll find  spelt out for you in this book.


Milagros Álvarez Gortari

About Milagros Álvarez Gortari

Milagros Álvarez Gortari was born and lives in Madrid. Journalist, married, mother of five children, grandmother to ten grandchildren and stepmother to her own mother. She currently runs the magazines Elledeco, Casa Diez and Casa Dez. She combines work with her family life as best she can.

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