Good For You, but Better For Me

Good For You, but Better For Me

By: Eduard Beltran

144 pages

Learn the keys to negotiating effectively and reaping the greatest benefit possible. In this book you will find a synthesis of all the existing theories of negotiation that will guide us through a set of techniques and tools that we apply to negotiate and reach a fertile and creative process in which no one loses. To achieve this, you will learn to negotiate with three-dimensional management: Problems (What problem do you have to solve?), People (Who do you have it with?) and Processes (How are you going to proceed?). In this phase of negotiation, these resources will help manage your operations in the business world. The philosophy of this new focus, therefore, could be summed up in one sentence: the agreement should be, “Good for you, but better for me.”


Eduard Beltran

About Eduard Beltran

Eduard Beltran is an expert in negotiation and has been recognized internationally for the quality of his work. Educated in negotiation by the Program on Negotiation at Harvard University, he has a law degree from the University of Barcelona, a political science degree from the Institute of Political Studies in Paris and a master’s degree in international law (LLM) from New York University. He is also a former student of the prestigious National School of French Administration (ENA). As a lawyer, he has worked on international investment projects as well as managed international disputes. He has also worked for the French government as the head of the Department of International Cooperation from the Ministry of Justice, where he was in charge of the coordination of the relations with the European Union, international organizations and foreign governments. In the field of negotiation, Eduard Beltran has trained more than 5,000 professionals, intervened in negotiation processes in more than 25 countries in Europe, America, and Asia, and has consulted more than 100 business and international groups. Eduard Beltran has been a main consultant for the European Center for Negotiation in Paris and collaborated with the national and international media by providing a technical vision of current political, diplomatic and economic negotiations. Currently, he directs the Center for Studying and Training in Business Negotiation (CENFE), educating and accompanying businesses and public institutions. He is also a professor of International Negotiation at the University of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. 

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