Leading Commited Teams

Leading Commited Teams

By: Pep Marí

112 pages

The majority of the conflicts that arise teams originate from the fact that not all of its members have the same level of commitment. They don't contribute the same amount of effort. They don't sacrifice in the same way. They don't play the same way in the collective activity that they develop together. Often some couldn't care less, others do the minimum and a few wear themselves out. This book offers different strategies to equalize the level of commitment of all the members of a team. - Once the objectives are outlined and both their corresponding costs measured in terms of effort and sacrifice, and the consequences of assuming this responsibility are accepted, to come to a consensus on the level of commitment of the members of the collective and to agree on the goal the team aspires to reach. - To form groups according to the level of commitment that the members of the team are open to offering to reach the goal. - To pass on the level of commitment to the rest of the group: when the ace of the group is worn out, the rest of the group gets down to work.


Pep Marí

About Pep Marí

Pep Marí (Girona, 1954) still makes a living from his passion for psychology. He codirects the program ACB Next Values of the Basketball Clubs Association, dedicated to transmitting values to students. He acts as a consultant to sports and managerial teams and raises awareness of the contributions that the field of psychology has made to the performance of people. His aim has always been to apply the knowledge that he has learned from the champions to business and teaching. They are defined as a unique combination of values: passion (with all your body and soul), commitment (pay the price of the goals in full), humility (be able to learn from anyone), and autonomy (finding your way). His mission involves bringing psychology to those who need it most. He is active on Twitter (@pepmari4) and regularly present in the media.

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