Making Money in the Stock Exchange Is Possible

Making Money in the Stock Exchange Is Possible

The Ajram Method for non-financial people

By: Josef Ajram

96 pages

Business - Stock Exchange

The author is neither a financial advisor nor a teacher of economics, but an ultraman lover of extreme sports, who has 12 years of experience as a stockbroker and has developed an own and successful method.

Best known as a sportsman, Josef Ajram has twelve years experience as a stockbroker and more than nine dedicated to daytrading, and has managed to dodge the technological recession, the real estate and the world bank crash. This has all been achieved with a similar philosophy of life to that which took him to the peak of extreme sport.

His method, which he describes in great detail in this book, involves observation, perseverance and never having any assets at the end of each broking session. This book introduces the reader to the practical world of investment using simple terminology and with practical examples.


Josef Ajram

About Josef Ajram


Josef Ajram (Barcelona, 1978), apart from being a successful broker, is the first Spanish sportsman who has completed such difficult competitions like the Ultraman in Hawai and in Canada, where after swimming 10 exhausting kilometres across the ocean, the participants pedalled for 421 kilometres and ended up running the equivalent of two marathons. He is excepcional in his capacity for rigorous training and his over-whelming enthusiasm for competing.


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