Know Yourself and Your Will Win on the Stock Market

Know Yourself and Your Will Win on the Stock Market

Success is to be found inside you

By: José Antonio Madrigal

126 pages

Stock Market

- The author won the award for best stockbroker in Europe - Do you need to be wise to invest in the Stock Exchange? Yes. Isn't it about knowing about finance? Not only. The book describes the necessary psychology to carry out worthwhile investments and explains the different strategies for looking after your money.

‘You’ll get excited and grow. You’ll enjoy gaining the knowledge to carry out  profitable deals.’  Tom Dorsey, Dorsey Wright and Associates, U.S.

‘ A knock-out. He’s able to put it across in words.’ Octavio Viana, president of ATM.

‘Magnificent, spectacular. He captures the essence of reality in a down-to-earth way.’ Michael Schmeja, expert at Fx and Option, Germany.

‘This book lets the reader think, participate and create. To be brief, you’ll find in your mind the winner there is in you.’ Paulo Pinto, author of Analise Técnica una ferramenta fundamental.

‘José A. Madrigal knows how to express the necessary values in order to be a successful broker.’  Manuel Sousa Andrade, Señor Account Executive Latin Region of Saxo Bank, Denmark.



José Antonio Madrigal

About José Antonio Madrigal

José Antonio Madrigal (1975) entered the Stock Exchange when he was 17 and has worked for different financial agents since he was 23. He currently works for a Portuguese company in the US. He is regarded as one of the most successful and influential brokers in Europe, administering great fortunes and the capital of both prestigious European companies and wealthy families.

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