What science says about losing weight

What science says about losing weight

Lo que dice la ciencia para adelgazar

By: Luis Jiménez


This is no diet book. Its aim is to share scientific research on obesity and nutrition that will help you lose weight and be your own nutritionist. You won’t find obvious statements and useless advice like, “To lose weight, you should eat less and do more exercise!” Instead, you’ll find out about the latest discoveries and scientific research on the matter. Some of these little-known findings may surprise you, but they are the keys to keeping off extra weight and taking care of your health.

Losing weight and eating healthily can be very satisfying, and it’s easier to do than you think.

Forget about extravagant diets and outdated advice; stick to what science says.


Luis Jiménez

About Luis Jiménez

Luis Jiménez (Bilbao, 1968) holds a degree in chemistry and works in business consulting. In addition to authoring his internationally-famous blog on science, nutrition and health, Lo que dice la ciencia para adelgazar (What Science Says About Losing Weight).

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