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At the end of street 118

At the end of street 118

Living at the end of street 118 is not easy.

By: Clara Cortés

354 pages

The mother of Valeria and Raven abandoned them years ago without giving any explanations and both have had to learn how to make it in life. While Valeria has an insignificant modelling job, her sister stalks the city in search of men to seduce, exchanging her services for rent-money. Valeria thought that everything would carry on as it always had done….until she heard the music of that boy at the end of the street, by her house, and their gazes met. From this moment onwards, a series of strange coincidences will bring changes to the lives of these two characters that they would never have imagined.


Clara Cortés

About Clara Cortés

Clara Cortes was born in 1996 in Colmenar Viejo (Madrid), in a family passionate about literature. At present combining studies in Psychology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with her literary career, she has won numerous short-story contests at the regional and national level, and collaborates with the digital magazine Fantas y Mundo reviewing novels for young people. At the End of Street 118 is her first novel.

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