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Gifted children

Gifted children

By: Olga Carmona, Alejandro Busto

232 pages

The authors argue that, behind a gifted person, there is a person who is highly sensitive, a quality that is not often taken into account and that causes a lot of issues and headaches for educators, especially for parents. From this perspective, this book offers a new look into the topic of intellectual giftedness or being gifted, with a positive (because it’s not dealing with a problem, or at least it doesn’t have to be) and highly practical point of view that will act as a guide for parents.

Key facts:

  • A new positive and practical vision for gifted children.
  • Olga Carmona is a regular contributor to the Spanish newspaper El País.



Olga Carmona

About Olga Carmona

Olga Carmona is a psychologist, and she provides training for parents and teachers in Spain and Latin America about the world of being gifted.

Alejandro Busto

About Alejandro Busto

Alejandro Busto is a psychologist and a consultant teacher at the Instituto de Formación Avanzada - INFOVA (The Institute for Advanced Teaching), as well as a lecturer in the corporate sector. Olga and Alejandro are founding partners at the CEIBE Centro Psicología (Psychology Centre) in Madrid, and they have been practising as child psychologists for 20 years and more than 10 fully immersed in the world of gifted children.

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