The child's brain  explained to parents

The child´s brain explained to parents

Helping your child develop their intellectual and emotional potential

By: Álvaro Bilbao

296 pages


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During the first six years of life the child´s brain has a potential that will never have again. This does not mean that we should try to turn children into little geniuses, because besides being impossible, a brain developed under pressure is likely to miss a great part of its essence. This book is a practical manual that summarizes the knowledge that neuroscience provides to parents and educators, so that they can help children to achieve full intellectual and emotional development.


Álvaro Bilbao

About Álvaro Bilbao

Álvaro Bilbao is a Doctor in Pyschology and Clinical Neuropsychology. He trained at the Royal Hospital for Neurodisability in the UK and the John Hopkins Hospital in the US. He works with the WHO on projects connected with cognitive disabilities. Since the year 2001 he has been a part of the Spanish National Brain Damage Treatment Centre. Thanks to his work there, he was selected as a member of the expert committee of the Spanish Brain Damage Ferderation and Madrid's Interaction Institute. He won the 2010 Premio Caser for excellence in attention to people with disabilities.

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