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Motivating your child to read

Motivating your child to read

Educar en la lectura

By: Jesús Figuerola

128 pages

Despite the eternal presence of screens and technology, tehere's a new interest between parents for motivating their kids to read more. This book is both practical and realistic and is perfect to boost this interest in your family.

Every parent in the world knows how good reading is for their children and every one of them wants their children to actively read. However, there isn’t much agreement or magical formula on how to stimulate your kids into reading. The author, a teacher himself for many years, as well as a father and a keen reader, explains in this book what works and what doesn’t in trying our young ones to read and offers practical, easy advice to make their reading experience the best possible.



Jesús Figuerola

About Jesús Figuerola

Jesús Figuerola is a Spanish language teacher in Valencia. He works as the lead editor of Perifèric Edicions and he is the president of Fundació pel Llibre i la Lectura (FULL).


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