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What science says about parenting and upbringing

What science says about parenting and upbringing

By: Julio Rodríguez

216 pages

The author breaks through all the contradictory information about parenting out there with clear answers that are backed by science. He addresses the matters that concern parents most: parenting and emotions, intellectual development, temper tantrums, punishment, habits, nutrition… His direct language shuns half-baked ideas and uses examples that all parents will identify with. The author breaks down a wide range of parenting issues and offers tips on how to implement action in your day-to-day life.


Julio Rodríguez

About Julio Rodríguez

Julio Rodríguez López is a Doctor of Biology and Psychology. He conducts research on the genetics of psychiatric diseases in Santiago de Compostela. He has worked at the University of Oxford and at CSIC in Madrid. He has published various articles in specialized magazines, but this is his first book for the general public.

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