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Children, teens and anxiety

Children, teens and anxiety

By: Eva Millet

160 pages

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common diseases in our day and age. The right amount of anxiety is good and necessary, but when a tolerable limit is surpassed, things take a turn for the worse.  The increased incidence of anxiety in childhood is alarming; it is becoming increasingly premature and virulent at this stage of life, partially since we live in an anxious and hyper-competitive world. Anxiety’s effects are even worse during the teen years, when this emotion is experienced with even greater intensity, biologically speaking.

The aim of this book is to serve as a kind of anxiety X-ray to zero in on anxiety’s impact on children and adolescents. How, when, and why does it affect them? How do they describe it and deal with it? What sets them off and where does it originate? Hint: social media plays a leading role. What symptoms should clue us in and how can we both, parents and kids, work it out and move past anxiety?


Eva Millet

About Eva Millet

Eva Millet Malagarriga (Barcelona, 1968) is a journalist and holds a degree in information sciences from UAB. She has worked in London for The Guardian and BBC radio where she was a correspondent in Mexico. She contributes regularly to La Vanguardia’s Magazine and other supplements of the same newspaper, as well as publications from the group RBA and magazines like History and Life. She has two children.


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