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Growing Up With Separated Parents

Growing Up With Separated Parents

Practical advice for educating children whose parents don't live together.

By: Paulino Castells

240 pages

Based on his extensive experience as a child psychiatrist, the author clearly outlines the problems associated with parental separation and the consequences for educating children. Providing many examples and real testimonies of both parents and children, the book analyses different types of separation, the typical reactions of children according to their age, the pros and cons of all types of custody, helps parents to avoid common mistakes and to ease the transition to a new stage of parenting.


Paulino Castells

About Paulino Castells

Paulino Castells is a child psychiatrist and a leading authority in the areas of child education and paediatrics. He contributes frequently to media projects in the press and on radio and television, and has received various prizes. He is the author of more than twenty books. A marriage beaks down every thirty seconds in Europe.

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