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Spiritual Intelligence in Children

Spiritual Intelligence in Children

All human beings have the need to seek answers to our anxieties and to relate our feelings to them. Children are no different.

By: Francesc Torralba Roselló

320 pages


The author's work has been translated into many languages.

The personal values which spiritual life enhances are a positive element which brings about a fuller development of the emotional aptitudes of the children. That’s why, an education based on spiritual intelligence is enriching and stimulating for the littlest ones at home.

This book offers a series of very practical tips for those parents who wish to cultivate spiritual intelligence in their kids. And it reflects on the benefits of spirituality in terms of the psychological well-being of the children. By looking at concepts such as religion, confesionalidad, beliefs or values, the author shows us how to lay down the foundations so that the kids can internalise these ideas.


Francesc Torralba Roselló

About Francesc Torralba Roselló

Francesc Torralba Roselló (Barcelona, 1967) holds a Doctorate in Philosophy and Theology. He chairs ETHOS at the University Ramón Llull which is dedicated to ethical behaviour within organisations. He has written more than fifty books and part of his work has been translated into many language, like French, German, and Italian. He runs courses and gives conferences around the world and he is a consultant for different non-profit making organisations. El arte de saber escuchar, El sentido de la vida and Sosegarse en un mundo sin sosiego (this last also published by Plataforma) are among his latest publications.

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