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Living with Alzheimer

Living with Alzheimer

Because Love does Not Forget

By: José Luis Molinuevo

168 pages


Rights sold to: Portugal (Bertrand)

This book offers support to the individuals who dedicate their lives to the care of a person suffering alzheimer’s disease. But it does not attempt to be a manual about how to carry out this care, but rather to help those who are suffering a ‘live pain’; pain, because the feeling of loss is constant. And live, because it involves looking after a person who is undergoing constant change.

Besides, the author tries to help us to understand the process of personal transformation, not only of whoever is sick but, essentially of the carer.


José Luis Molinuevo

About José Luis Molinuevo

José Luis Molinuevo is a doctor, works in the Alzheimer Unit and other cognitive  disorders at the Neurology Service of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona. He is co-director of the Dementia Area of the Revista de Neurologia.

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