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Sweet Home

Sweet Home

Getting Back to Basics

By: Mey Zamora

114 pages

Women - Parenting

Prologue by José Antonio Marina

«A down-to-earth book, useful and a corroboration of an unfairly judged job, and which someone had to write.» Antonio Iturbe, Qué Leer

«With her cooking tips, economising at home and working out the life-work balance, Zamora has restored the dignity to the always forgotten house-wife.» La Razón

«Yesterday I again gave Home, sweet home, as a present. I wish to make clear that it has become my favourite gift. It always encourages debate and conversation among any group of people, of any age and lifestyle.» Comment made by a reader.



In hard times like now, a return to basics is essential; taking care of our home to reconcile work and family, and also to enjoy our free time and friends. And in our busy lives, home is more and more a stabilizing force which brings us peace. This book spells out the keys to organising oneself at home, getting the most out of household tasks and achieving a warm environment. It offers attractive suggestions both for those at home full-time and for those who only devote part of their time to the home. The author, a journalist who has fully dedicated herself to looking after her home, illustrates this with personal stories which make for both a stimulating and enjoyable read.



Mey Zamora

About Mey Zamora

Mey Zamora (Barcelona, 1964) studied Media Studies and Philology. She worked for La Vanguardia and for the journal Cultura de la Generalitat de Cataluña, and was a teacher of newspaper publishing at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Since 1994 she has spent all her time with her family and housework. She is married and has four children.

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