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Thanks USA

Thanks USA

By: Ramon Rovira


The author, Ramon Rovira, correspondent for TV3 in Washington for various years until just before the fall of the Twin Towers in 2011, reflects in these pages on a country whose shades of light and dark continue to exert a fascination over the rest of the world.

The lucid impressions contained in this work, full of a freshness originating in the author’s experience in the field as a journalist, will help us better understand the characteristics and peculiarities of a large country to which the world undoubtedly owes a lot.

In a highly revealing way, in these pages the author reflects on the foremost global power from a personal perspective and from the experience acquired during almost six years as a foreign correspondent, coinciding with the second term of Bill Clinton (1996 - 2001).


Ramon Rovira

About Ramon Rovira

Ramon Rovira, from Girona, had a extensive professional career as a journalist in media outlets such as the Catalan newspaper “El Punt Avui de Girona” (of which he was the founder), “Catalunya Radio” in Girona or in the branch of “Television Española Cataluña” in Madrid.

In 1989 he returned to Girona as a representative of TV3, “Televisio de Catalunya”, where he directed the Cataluña department and after that, the politics department. 

Between 1996 and 2001 he was a correspondent in the USA, director of the news services, presenter and director of the debate programme Agora and deputy director with responsibilities in the areas of institutional relations, marketing and communication. During his period in North America he covered two presidential campaigns, the first trip to space by a Spanish person, the Lewinsky affair and the Columbine massacre, among hundreds of other news items.

Currently he is the general assistant manager and director of communication and institutional relations of the Sabadell Bank. 



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