Always count on yourself

By: Boris Matijas

274 pages

What becomes of the life of a child who runs away from a civil war first in Croatia and then again in Serbia, who arrives to Spain without speaking a word of Spanish and emigrates to Sweden?

In this emotional story, Boris Matijas shares his account which is a testament to his ability to overcome adversity in life.

A testimonial to those who have been an emigrant, businessman, student, teacher, writer, journalist or guide.

A work that invites us to redirect the narratives that we build about ourselves and our environments to bring about lasting and sustainable change in the way we behave.

In a time in which the culture of the resentment seems to have been in us, Cuenta siempre contigo (Always Count on Yourself), a winning work in its second edition, winner of the Feel Good Award, is the calling of a multi-talented author to live courageously and never give up.


Boris Matijas

About Boris Matijas

Boris Matijas was born in Knin, where the civil war of Croatia began and the subsequent breakup of former Yogoslavia.

He lived in Barcelona for fourteen years. After going through the process of becoming a legal citizen, during which he worked largely in the underground economy, he earned a DEA in social communication (University of Pompeu Fabra) and a diploma for the master’s program from the School of Systemic Family Therapy (Sant Pau Hospital of the University de Barcelona). Currently he lives in Sweden. He is a consultant and journalist specializing in family business.

He has collaborated with several newspapers and magazines, acted as a consultant for family businesses in Spain and Latin America and collaborated with the Family Firm Institute, the IESE business school and the ESADE business school. He is a founder of Archipiélago, the first editorial platform exclusively dedicated to family business. 

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