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Lary, the Tenacity of a Siren

Lary, the Tenacity of a Siren

Need is what pulls you through, what makes the world go round.

By: Lary Len

252 pages

Disability - Memoir

What would your life be like if you’d been born without arms and with just one leg? Lary León was born in Guadalajara with no arms and one leg. A situation which would make anyone embittered and full of complexes. This isn’t Larry’s case. She is the director of the TV FAN3 television programme at the Antena 3 Foundation. She’s an elegant woman, who exudes enthusiasm, happiness and confidence. She gives her best to life and life returns the compliment. Love, tenacity and imagination are her weapons in life.


Lary León

About Lary León

Lary León Molina has a degree in Journalism by the Nebrija University. She has worked at the radio Cope and Cadena Ser in Benidorm, at Canal 55 TV and Antena 3. She is also director of TV FAN3, TV channel for hospitalized children.

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