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Putting Life on the Rails

Putting Life on the Rails

The Strenght of the Weakness

By: Jorge Font

282 pages

Memoir - Disability

- Jorge Font is very well-know speaker all over the world. - Fanny, optimistic, moving and down-to-earth memory.

Jorge Font was a well-known, successful sportsman when an accident cast him down to a wheelchair. This is the story of his life.

It doesn’t attempt to give tips but the reader will be carried along by the optimism, strength and spirit that he transmits in facing his life with a wide-ranging vision.




Jorge Font

About Jorge Font

When he was 19 years old, after having been world champion  of youth acuatic skiing, Jorge suffered an accident while he was preparing for the Latin American Championship and he lost the ability to move and feel from the chest downwards. He can move his arms but not the fingers of his hands. Despite knowing that his body won’t respond like before, he decided to lead a normal life as a sportsman and get back to skiing, now sitting down.

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