Being a Better Executive

Being a Better Executive

By: Ventura Ruperti

208 pages

After many years working with executives from all over the world, from businesses of all types and sizes, the author has confirmed that the subject that worries them most in the exercising of their responsibilities is managing people. The book tackles the 20 most potentially conflictive aspects in the every-day management of people: communication, loneliness, power, error management, control, etc. And each one of these aspects is illuminated by the mind of Shakespeare, unquestionably one of the greatest investigators and observers of the human spirit.


Ventura Ruperti

About Ventura Ruperti

Ventura Ruperti has been a business consultant for more than fifteen years as a member of INEO Corporate, a strategic assessment firm with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Bogotá and Santiago de Chile. He currently lives in Spain, having also lived and worked in Canada, Germany and Mexico holding positions such as Marketing Director, Director of Sales, International Director and General Director in multinational groups of sectors as diverse as food, consumer electronics, publishing and editing. Holding a degree and MBA from ESADE, he has been a post-graduate professor at the University of Barcelona. He holds seminars and conferences and occasionally is requested as management coach. A co-author of several books, investor and founding member of various start-ups and a member of several administrative boards.

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