Sell Like a Pro

Sell Like a Pro

By: Victor Küppers

208 pages

When selling, you either make them fall in love with you or you sell for cheap.

Sales is an absolutely fantastic, marvelous profession. It is difficult, complicated, stressful, frustrating, lonely, but full of happiness and satisfaction that overwhelmingly make up for that less pretty side. It is a profession that doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves and we are the ones, the salesmen, who have to dignify it. This book tries to help to motivate, to inspire, to enjoy commercial work. It is a field in which there are two types of professionals: the pros and the rankers; those who have a methodology, those who prepare, those who worry about helping their clients on the one hand and bad people, tricksters and the well-connected on the other. I have tried to write a book that is practical, useful, applicable, simple, not at all complex and with a bit of humor, and explained without holding back any of the sales techniques and methodologies that I have seen work, that produce results. It is not a book of theory or philosophy. It is a book that gets to the point, that tries to give you ideas you can use immediately. Ideas that are organized phase by phase, step by step. 


Victor Küppers

About Victor Küppers

Victor Küppers, who is married with two children, is a doctor of humanities and a member of Küppers & Co. He is a professor of the University of Barcelona and the International University of Catalonia. He collaborates with ESADE and with the University of Navarra and also works as an assistant professor at IESE and as Vice President of Barna Consulting Group.


He has collaborated as an educator in businesses like Nestlé, BBVA, El Corte Inglés, Procter & Gamble, La Caixa, Eroski, Catalana Occidente, Gas Natural Fenosa, Volkswagen-Audi, Bankinter, Agbar, Grupo Codorniu, Nike, Privalia, Laboratorios Merck, Grupo Planeta, Renault,, Banco Sabadell, Levi's, Grupo Intercom, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Henkel, Damm, Leroy Merlin and The Red Cross Spain among other companies. 

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