Financial Education

Financial Education

How to manage money. A guide for parents and children.

By: Alberto Chan

190 pages

In our society financial education hardly exists. Most people grow up with the idea that in adulthood it will be enough to have academic knowledge to find a stable job. But is that really all it takes? Our current era boasts one of the best educated generations of young people, but also features a higher rate of youth unemployment and salaries that are less and less commensurate to studies undertaken.

This book opens a window on financial education for us. An education that will allow us to gain skills at managing money, skills through which we can enjoy stability, not have to struggle to survive and instead live life as we would wish to live it. The author explains how the world of money functions, the importance of saving and also of investing. In short, he supplies readers with the necessary tools for a good personal financial education, which we can also pass on to our children.


Alberto Chan

About Alberto Chan

Alberto Chan (Ferrol, 1986) was already showing an interest in financial markets as an adolescent. He graduated in Administration and Business Management, gained a postgraduate degree in Financial Derivatives, a Master’s in Equity Markets and Financial Derivatives and has a MeffTipo III licence. He practices as a trader, trains future traders through online classes and face­ to ­face workshops, and is a private financial advisor. As well as this, he is the managing director of “The Guru of Trading”. He’s the author of The Ten Keys to Financial Success and Making Money on the Stock Exchange

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