Gandhi Organizations

Gandhi Organizations

Companies that Are Changing the World

By: José Luis Montes

298 pages


A new management paradigm based on putting in the centre, previously occupied only for benefits, also people and their values, dreams and capacities, in order to potentiate both elements in a synergetic form, G-rated: from the base employee or the student wondering about his future to someone who already manages institutions or has been an entrepreneur. This book combines a novelistic addicting narration with well-documented and solid theoretical framework, which helps all readers to find a place for them in it.


José Luis Montes

About José Luis Montes

José Luis Montes has been a Managing Director of multinationals as well as a successful businessman. He also writes, gives talks, consults and manages sector organisations. One bright day he decided to be happy. He currently combines these aforementioned activities with collaborating and assessing several NGO’s and foundations. Besides that, he manages the non-profit making organisation known as Wikihappiness Movement, of which he is founder. He is also an experienced mountaineer and a demanding individual in search of a coherent spiritual and personal development.

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