Commercial Intelligence

Commercial Intelligence

Throughout the book, we'll discover that commercial intelligence isn't simply a ruse in order to sell more.

By: Luis Bassat

192 pages

Business and Career

Today Picasso and Van Gogh are in the best museums in the world. Despite this, Van Gogh only manager to sell one painting in all his life. Picasso, on the other hand, sold everything he produced (which was a lot), became extremely rich and nobody was heard ever saying that his paintings were commercial. What was business-like was his intelligence. This is one of the many examples that Luis Bassat uses in this book to explain what commercial intelligence is. Also why it is necessary and how we can develop it if we haven’t been lucky enough to have been born with it.

For this task, he also summons the testimony of great exponents of commercial intelligence in today’s world like Isak Andic(Mango), Emilio Botín (Santander), Meter Brabeck (Nestlé), Paco Daurella (Cobega-DABA), Shelly Lazarus (Ogilvy), Ingvar Sviggum (Ford) and Kees van der Graaf (Unilever).

Throughout the book, we’ll discover that commercial intelligence isn’t simply a ruse in order to sell more. It is a way of behaving which generates trust, indispensable for all kinds of company, people in every profession and all those who need to convince someone of something. All of us.


Luis Bassat

About Luis Bassat

Luis Bassat (Barcelona, 1941) is one of the most prestigious advertisers at both national and international levels. He founded and is honorary president of the Bassat Ogilvy Group, Spain which began selling televisions door to door while studying Economics. In 1975 he founded Bassat & Associates in Barcelona, a small advertising agency which began life with three people and one customer. He is the author of  El libro rojo de la publicidad (the number one best-selling book in advertising in Spain), El libro rojo de las marcas and Confesiones personales de un publicista. Doctor Honoris Causa at the Faculty of Communication and Humanities at the European University of Madrid. He has received countless recognition throughout his brilliant career. Tireless traveller and communicator, he currently gives conference talks around the world.   

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