Learning to Lose

Learning to Lose

There is a lot of authenticity, wisdom and freedom in the experience of failure

By: Santiago Álvarez de Mon

208 pages

Personal Development and Career

If winning is a natural and legitimate motivation and reaching the peak of our achievement an admirable aim, the obstacles in our path have to be included in our personal algebra.  The human act of losing is the best platform for challenging the limits and of winning “impossible” matches. Calmly and humbly we have to accept and be aware of this irrefutable fact.


What is success? Who defines it? Do you know how to lose? What is your own count on victories and defeats? Just like in war, what is the final balance of losses? Do you see your personal Odyssey as a burden or does it guide and enrich you, lending it a more realistic, humble and wise face? These are some of the questions that the author  poses in the book.


Santiago Álvarez de Mon

About Santiago Álvarez de Mon

Santiago Álvarez de Mon is teacher at IESE, a law graduate, doctor in Sociology and Political Science and holding a Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Management. Besides this, he works as a company consultant in coaching, team management and leadership. Author of several books, including Con ganas, ganas, El mito del líder; No soy Superman, y Desde la adversidad, La lógica del corazón. He has also written many research papers and articles. Besides this, he  is a habitual collaborator in the newspaper, Expansión.

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