Healthy diet for your family

Healthy diet for your family

By: Mónica Carreira

256 pages

Here you will find all the information, recommendations, tips and tricks that you need to ensure a healthy diet from birth until well into adolescence. This book does not make any impositions, nor does it forbid anything, and it invites us to enjoy and share a high-quality family diet that lays the foundation for healthy adults who take care of what they eat and how they live. Using common sense, responsibility and critical thinking, and calling everything by its proper name, each page offers useful advice and makes practical suggestions about how to eat well as a family while watching our children grow up in a healthy manner.


Mónica Carreira

About Mónica Carreira

Mónica Carreira holds a diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics and specializes in pediatric and sports nutrition. She is a dietician and nutritionist at Advance Medical. Carlota Máñez is a journalist, writer and communicator who specializes in health and food issues. She is in charge of medical content at Advance Medical.

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