How to Beat the Hunger

How to Beat the Hunger

How can you get the body you've always desired and be happier

By: Eva Campos Navarro

202 pages

Healt - Well-being - Nutrition

- How to break your ties to get the body you've always wished for and to be happy. - This is not a book about dieting, but rather of emotional control in order to lose weight.

It’s not important to know how you put on those extra kilos; what counts, according to the author, is to know where you want to get to, which path to follow and what are the tricks you need to achieve this. The author reveals techniques – coming from coaching and positive thinking – which she herself used to get to where she wished: 60kg less weight and to be a fulfilled person, healthy and happy. Be it 80 or 3 kilos overweight, with these techniques your aim will become reality.


Eva Campos Navarro

About Eva Campos Navarro

Some years ago she decided that life in the world of business and multinationals was not  for her. She freed herself of many of her old ways, took her degree in Psychology out of the cupboard and trained in Coaching.

But life is very unpredictable, and suddenly her life changed, she packed her bags and set off for South East Asia and the Far East. After that experience, she realised that the best way to help other people would be by using her own learning. So she reworked her life and took a path to success helping hundreds of people, as a therapist and coach, to lose weight and achieve a healthy life.

She lives in Spain, where she gives seminaries, conferences, therapies and workshops on personal development applied to losing weight and leading a healthy life, based on her experience as a psychologist, therapist and coach but, above all, under the magnifying glass which the experience of having  overcome her own  obesity offered her.

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