Running is Life

Running is Life

Why does someone put on their trainers, a tracksuit and start running through the city streets every day, at dawn or in the evening after work?

By: Chema Martínez

116 pages

Sport - Running

Chema Martinez, a long-distance runner with an significant track record has a very clear answer: because running is life. Running requires discipline. Running encourages you to eat well and have a balanced diet. Running is getting your body moving and avoiding a sedentary life. Besides, it’s a way of establishing social networks with other people who do the same. And that’s how she puts it in this book, with the intention of encouraging others to run as well.



Chema Martínez

About Chema Martínez

Chema Martínez is a long-distance runner who has, under her belt, among other many trophies, the gold medal from Munich (2002) and the silver from Goteborg (2006). Both were won running the 10,000m. She also has an emotive, silver medal for the marathon, obtained in the European Championship of Athletism, 2010, held in Barcelona. She’s a popular and down-to-earth runner. She has participated in unusual challenges such as a duel with a Madrid transport bus through the streets of this city. Also she has faced the football player, Robinho in the San Silvestre Vallecana or climbing the Aconcagua with a team formed for the “Reto Marca”.

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