Pure Happiness

Pure Happiness

To Be Happy is Healthy

By: Albert Figueras

176 pages

Science Help

What if it would exist a vitamin H?

Being in good health helps us to be happy. But, is the opposite  true? In other words, does being happy have a direct affect on health? Every day there are more and more carefully planned scientific studies which show the positive impact of a lasting and deep-rooted happiness on improving health, fewer cardiovascular diseases and, even, a longer life free of diseases.

Happiness is on the surface, something insignificant but it is actually vital for a healthy life, just like any vitamin.


Albert Figueras

About Albert Figueras

Albert Figueras (Barcelona, 1961) is a doctor and professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. In addition to works of fiction in Catalan, he has published the scientific dissemination trials Pequeñas Grandes Cosas (Little Big things) (2007), Ubuntu - El triunfo de la concordia (Ubuntu - The Triumph of Harmony) (2010) and Pura felicidad (Pure Happiness) (2012), all by Plataforma Publishing.

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