If you don't want to take pills, make decisions

If you don’t want to take pills, make decisions

If you don't want to take pills, make decisions

By: David Vargas Barrientos

240 pages

Often, having our basic needs secured causes a loss of vitality and a deterioration in our way of living and feeling, a reduction in instinctive reactions which should come from the gut. In fact, having a full fridge is a metaphor for conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular illnesses, while having an empty soul symbolises problems such as anxiety and depression. Therefore, if we don’t want to end up taking pills, we will have to make some decisions instead. David Vargas accompanies us in the decisions we need to make if we want to take back control of our health and wellbeing, in other words, the control of our lives.

Key facts:

  • Stress, microbiotics and diet are currently the topics of most interest in health.
  • The author has a vast community of readers on social media.




David Vargas Barrientos

About David Vargas Barrientos

David Vargas Barrientos is a physiotherapist with a master’s in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology, a master’s in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine, and the cofounder – together with Xavi Cañellas – of Regenera (Regenerate), a company dedicated to educating and treating patients through Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology. He lives in Mallorca.

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