Think like a Genius

Think like a Genius

From ingenuity to genius

By: Juan Prego

192 pages

Personal Development

What differentiates a genius from the average person? The average person can possess a certain degree of ingenuity: the ability to generate ideas and inventions quickly and easily. A genius, however, is able to generate truly remarkable original thoughts again and again.

Alternating theory and practice, action and reaction, Think Like a Genius, is an extraordinary tour of the lives, ideas and inventions of some of the most notable geniuses of all time, shining the spotlight on certain lessons that can be of use to our professional and personal lives.


Juan Prego

About Juan Prego

An expert in communication, leadership, Creative Thinking and innovation, Juan Prego has lead international teams in the three countries he has lived in: Argentina, China, and, since 2002, Spain. He is a certified trainer in “Six Thinking Hats”, by “de Bono Thinking Systems”, a certified consultant in “Corporate Transformation Tools” by Barrett Values Centre, and he is the Spanish representative of the prestigious Creative Education Foundation, an organisation founded more than 30 years ago by Alex Osborn ―the creator of Brainstorming― which is dedicated to the research and fostering of Creative Thinking worldwide. He is the creator of various creative techniques, most notably TeamStorming™, to help you produce hundreds of ideas in just a few minutes, ans well as the Creative Maps for “Mental Experimentation”. Juan Prego is currently the Managing Partner of Actitud Creativa (Creative Attitude), as well as a facilitator, conference speaker and collaborator in different areas in Spain.

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