Learning from the Champions

Learning from the Champions

Would you like to show all your talent, reach optimum performance, be a champion at what you do?

By: Pep Marí

200 pages

Psychology - Sport - Personal Development

The basic requirements for optimum performance are the same for any human activity.

That is the main message of this book. Being the best surgeon, pastry-maker, policeman or teacher requires the same as being the best football-player. To demonstrate his thesis, Pep Marí, starts with  a list of  many real cases of élite sports people which he has been compiling over 23 years of professional activity.

The author, has an extensive experience helping sports men and women of exceptional talent reach 100% of their potential. Also, to know, when under enormous pressure, what the keys to reaching this state of grace, are. Throughout the book, he highlights the foundations of personal performance, using simple mathematical formulas. These are illuminated by the cases of tennis players, athletes, boxers, trainers, waiters, doctors, students, teachers, business people and house wives.


Pep Marí

About Pep Marí

Pep Marí (Girona, 1954) still makes a living from his passion for psychology. He codirects the program ACB Next Values of the Basketball Clubs Association, dedicated to transmitting values to students. He acts as a consultant to sports and managerial teams and raises awareness of the contributions that the field of psychology has made to the performance of people. His aim has always been to apply the knowledge that he has learned from the champions to business and teaching. They are defined as a unique combination of values: passion (with all your body and soul), commitment (pay the price of the goals in full), humility (be able to learn from anyone), and autonomy (finding your way). His mission involves bringing psychology to those who need it most. He is active on Twitter (@pepmari4) and regularly present in the media.

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