Dreams with no compass

Dreams with no compass

Sueños sin brújula

By: Ester Isel

392 pages

A page-turner story about social media and fame and it's dangers, as well as the importance of self-esteem.

Nobody would have thought of Sophie Dylan’s future as a famous youtuber if it wasn’t for the unexpected success her poems had on the Internet. After deciding that she will drop off college to work as an influencer, Sophie notices that she is after a dream that holds as many advantages as dark shades. Despite being at the height of her professional career, Sophie is drawn into a mass media harassment nightmare. Every step she takes, a reporter follows her, her love affairs trigger public debates on TV and her fans play with her image at their will. Everyone claims to know her, but just a few know the emotional rollercoaster she is suffering at the tender age of 19. How can you be a role model for anyone if you just see your own insecurities when you look at yourself in the mirror? What do you do when your own happiness is measured in terms of likes?



Ester Isel

About Ester Isel

Ester Isel (Barcelona, 1990) graduated in Advertising and Public Relations and is closely involved in marketing, creativity and community management areas. She was awarded with the VII Premio Kiwi RA in 2019. Dreams with no compass (Sueños sin brújula) is her second novel.

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