The Star of My Nights

The Star of My Nights

By: Mike Lightwood

400 pages

Pablo was in love with Guille. Guille was in love with Pablo. Sadly, they lived in different cities, so Guille left Pablo and broke his heart.

Years later their paths crossed again, but Pablo had his guard up. So, why did they kiss and why can’t he stop thinking about him?

They say your first love scars you for life and this is something he knows all too well. What he doesn’t know is if it is worth rekindling a flame that burnt out long ago or if it would be better to let it stay out for good. But did the flame really burn out completely?

With the help of his friends, Pablo will have to overcome his complexes and find himself, on top of figuring what whether or not to start a relationship with Guille.



Mike Lightwood

About Mike Lightwood

Mike Lightwood was born in Seville, grew up in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and currently lives in Madrid. Even so, his heart will always be in Hogwarts, from where he still hopes to receive a letter one day. His passion for the arts led him to create the literary blog Alas de Papel, active since 2009, and later his Youtube channel, MaikoVlogs. He combines writing with his work as a driver, which has allowed him to translate more than twenty books up to this point, as well as his work as a manuscript reader for various publishing houses.

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