The dark valley

The dark valley

By: Andrea Tomé

430 pages

Okinawa, Japan, the Second World War. Momoko Akiyama is the daughter of intellectuals. Her only worries in life are the political dissidents who slip in and out of her house at night, her brother's escapades early on Wednesday mornings, and getting bullied at school. Jun Kobayashi, the gravedigger's daughter, is violently shy and can barely pronounce a sentence without stuttering. Everything they believed about their world is about to change forever. With an enlistment letter. With a lie. With a betrayal. With a man hidden in a chest. With a war knocking at their door.


Andrea Tomé

About Andrea Tomé

Andrea Tomé (Ferrol, 1994) gives talks on literature and mental health at high schools and universities. She lives and studies in Santiago de Compostela.

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