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Connect with your baby

Connect with your baby


160 pages

Accompany your child during his or her early movements

The guide to motor development during the first two years of life


“Do you put your baby to sleep on his/her side?”, “Can he/she already hold his/her head?”, “Has he or she started to crawl?”, “Is he/she not walking yet?”, “Have you bought him/her a walker?” Goodness! As if parents didn’t already have enough doubts about how to look after their babies, along come our friends, experts and the usual opinion givers to confuse us even further with their advice and recommendations. And then we have the childcare industry with its offer of highchairs, child seats, baby carriers, slings, hammocks and all kinds of gadgets and devices that are supposed to make sure the child grows up properly.

But what is right? what is normal? what is the most suitable thing for my child? The time has come to relax and ask the professionals so that we can make a decision based on good judgement and information. In this practical guide, Raquel Bermejo, a physiotherapist and paediatric osteopath who assists families with the motor development of their children, helps fathers and mothers to make the best decisions so that they can accompany their children in an appropriate way: not just actively – i.e. stimulating adequate growth -, but also by avoiding the things that might act as obstacles to the baby’s natural progress


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