Learn to Study

Learn to Study

A practical method, enjoyable and effective, which draws its inspiration from the motivation of sports.

By: Ana Villacorta

208 pages

A practical method, enjoyable and effective, which draws its inspiration from the motivation of sports.

Do you want your child to get the best marks at school? Would you like studying to be a cause of satisfaction to them, and that they complete their homework without suffering in the process, while making the most of the learning experience?

There isn’t a single way of getting good results at school. Some need silence, others, music; some rely on post-its, others use pencil and paper. Every student has their rhythms, their cycles and their necessities. The purpose of this book is to help the youngest to get to know themselves, to find the most appropriate means of motivating themselves and to offer to them the essential tools for dealing with homework and exams.

A student is like a sports player. Every great footballer or tennis player uses a motivation, a stimulus and a strategy to achieve success. But not just this: from Messi to Rafa Nadal, they all design their own project, they learn to organise and study the techniques, the strategies and the methods that are best suited to them, thanks to which they have been able to reach the pinnacle of their talent.

Learn to Study is a practical guide for steering our children in the right direction, with the aim that they learn for themselves how to reach their objectives in school and overcome the challenges that the future holds in store for them.


Ana Villacorta

About Ana Villacorta

Ana Villacorta Linaza (1979) was born in Madrid. She lives in Barcelona and is the mother of four children. She graduated in Pharmacy, and obtained her proficiency in academic research with a project in pharmacogenetics in the laboratory of the Department of Genetics and Reproduction at the University Hospital Virgen de Rocío (Sevilla). Afterwards, she decided to fully dedicate herself to education. She participated in the project “Supported Studying”, initiated by the Aljarafe school (Seville). There she began to utilise sport as a crucial tool for explaining almost everything imaginable, considering it necessary for learning how to study. Studying and sport are her two greatest passions; with these she has aimed to motivate all the children with whom she’s worked.

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