Fake News

Fake News

By: Marc Amorós Garcia

192 pages

If fake news is a bunch of lies, why do we believe it? Why do we share it? Who makes it go viral? What is the truth about fake news? While answering these questions, the author delves into the implications of reading and believing fake news and in what way they keeps us from getting informed and make us more and more blind.


Marc Amorós Garcia

About Marc Amorós Garcia

Marc Amorós Garcia has directed television for Movistar+, La Sexta and TVE as well as worked for Antena 3, Tele 5, RNE, RAC 1 and Cadena SER. He has also worked as a university professor. In journalism he fell in love with the will to tell stories according to the facts, not with opinions or beliefs. Many things will be said about him, but not all of them are true.

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