¡Buen camino!

¡Buen camino!

Marco García Frei didn't know what the real meaning of that salutation, or how it would change his life.

By: Josepe García Miguel

328 pages

Personal Development

Marco García Frei didn't  know what the real meaning of that salutation, or how it would change his life. An entrepreneur, facing challenges, problems, uncertainties and, in many cases, resignation, he was, in his heart of hearts, not willing to continue to live without the hope and passion he had imagined for himself. He ended up on the Camino. To his surprise, what he experienced on the Camino turned him into a person with more clarity, serenity and hope, in an almost magical environment filled with surprises.

For those who have been pilgrims, this book will transport them back to many transformational moments. Those who haven't will find a book full of excellent ideas for a better life, and a desire to try this unique experience.


Josepe García Miguel

About Josepe García Miguel

José Pedro García Miguel, Josepe has been a resolute pilgrim for six years, doing the camino each year. He is also one of Spain's leading coaches and entrepreneurs. Official coach of the entrepreneur of the year according to the Spanish publication Emprendedores, he belongs to the Spanish coaching top 10. He is the author of PNL para líderes [Neurolinguistic programming for leaders] and coauthor of the following books: Odisea Management, TranxAbundancia, Coaching hoy and Los 100 errores del emprendedor.

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