My Cloister is the World

My Cloister is the World

How to combine the cloistered life with a restless and free spirit?

By: Sor Lucía Caram

304 pages

Religion - Memoir

At 18, with the desire to help people and work for a fairer world, Lucía Caram became a nun. Fascinated by the figure of Jesus of Nazareth, she decided to follow his footsteps and make the Gospel her life project and work for the establishment of a new social order.

In a constant search for meaning, and urged by something inexplicable but very strong, she left the flurry life as nun and changed it for the contemplative way, becoming a cloister nun. But how to combine this lifestyle with a restless and free spirit?

In these pages, Lucia recalls his childhood in a family of Opus Dei, his years as novice; she explains the difficulties in adjusting herself to institutional structures and forms of a Church that is calling for a change. She also speaks of the reality of everyday life in community, shares her struggle to renew the way of living the faith as well as her hard work with the poor and her passion for football. Because being a nun, she is also woman, daughter, aunt, friend and professional. Because the world is her cloister.



Sor Lucía Caram

About Sor Lucía Caram

Sister Lucia Caram (1966, Tucumán, Argentina) is a Dominican contemplative nun. She combines her cloistered life of prayer, study and community life in Catalonia with strong social activity with most vulnerable people, which led her to promote an interfaith dialogue group, a project in the field of mental health and the Rosa Oriol Foundation . He currently directs and performs Trobada Punt in RNE Radio 4, a program to promote social change and commitment.

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