Dream like Martin Luther King

Dream like Martin Luther King

By: Luis Bassat

248 pages

Speak like Obama, be in command without having to boss people around, and be yourself

In 1963, Martin Luther King gave his “I have a dream” speech, one of the most important speeches of the modern age against racial discrimination in the United States.

Dream like Martin Luther King, speak like Obama, be in command without having to boss people around, and be yourself is about speeches, but more specifically, it is about dreams, our dreams, both large and small, about how to make them come true, how to make ourselves better human beings and better professionals, and about how to make the most of our intelligence and our lives.

On these pages, Luis Bassat, one of the world’s leading communicators, invites us to improve our objectives, to communicate better, to lead in a more intelligent manner and to do all this while remaining our natural selves.

Here you will find a guide that will help you build the person that you want to be, capable of communicating with conviction, inspiring others and leading your collaborators through motivation. Based on his own experiences and life situations, the author has written a work which, in his own words, “is not a book of memories, or a scientific treatise, or a collection of tips for a practical life, but rather one that has a lot of all of these as well as a few other things”.

Finally, we can surely say that the pages of Vicenç Villatoro’s “El discurso politico” are among the best to have been written on this subject.



Luis Bassat

About Luis Bassat

Luis Bassat (Barcelona, 1941) is one of the most prestigious advertisers at both national and international levels. He founded and is honorary president of the Bassat Ogilvy Group, Spain which began selling televisions door to door while studying Economics. In 1975 he founded Bassat & Associates in Barcelona, a small advertising agency which began life with three people and one customer. He is the author of  El libro rojo de la publicidad (the number one best-selling book in advertising in Spain), El libro rojo de las marcas and Confesiones personales de un publicista. Doctor Honoris Causa at the Faculty of Communication and Humanities at the European University of Madrid. He has received countless recognition throughout his brilliant career. Tireless traveller and communicator, he currently gives conference talks around the world.



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