Taking care of your pelvic region

Taking care of your pelvic region

Cuida tu zona pélvica

By: Karl Doric

232 pages

The pelvic region is the most complex area of the female body, where an endless number of cycles, processes and metabolisms take place, most much more complicated and sophisticated than those of men. Menstruation, hormonal alterations, pregnancy, childbirth, fluid retention and pelvic pain are just a few of them. Many women suffer in silence from a series of difficulties related to this part of their bodies that is diminishing their quality of life and for which there seems to be no effective solution. Incontinence, pain and infertility are the most frequent symptoms and the lack of good results when trying new healing suggestions end up discouraging those who suffer from them. This book proposes a less invasive solution for dealing with these pelvic area disorders.



Karl Doric

About Karl Doric

Karl Doric is a member of the Spanish Registry of Osteopaths (DO). He graduated after five years of study at the ATMAN School in France and became a specialist in urogenital and psychosomatic osteopathy. He has spent a large part of his career in Paris. He currently has medical offices in Barcelona and in Palamós. In addition to collaborating with numerous doctors and gynaecologists, he teaches and lectures on his professional experience to other professionals, osteopathic colleagues and patients.


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