Walk, jump, dance

Walk, jump, dance

By: Roberto Sánchez

280 pages

Move more and live better

How, when, how much, and how often we move today has very little to do with what physical activity has been throughout most of our biological history. We have reached a sedentary moment in our history. Survival no longer requires movement. Walking is the only natural movement that we have maintained, although we now barely walk thirty minutes each day compared to the four daily hours that our ancestors used to spend walking. We can now survive without hardly moving at all, but the reality is that we are not living well.

Indeed, we are paying a high price. To a greater or lesser extent, all non-contagious modern diseases (obesity, diabetes, cardiopathies, depression, arthropathies, cancer, etc) are related to our lack of physical activity. This is because being sedentary is not in human nature. As humans, movement is the toll that we must pay to stay alive.

Do you really think that fitness, sport, running, and sporadic – and repetitive – exercise at the gym is enough to nourish the need that our bodies have for movement? Exercising is something that was invented when we began to realise that our lifestyle meant we were getting less and less physical activity. Moving is not about doing exercise; it is much more than that. When was the last time you jumped, crawled, hung from something and then let yourself fall, or tried to keep your balance while standing on one leg?

In this book, Rober Sánchez helps us to reconnect with our need for movement, and he shows us the keys to start moving more often and in a better way, without the need for gyms, programmes, experts or applications to tell us what to do.



Roberto Sánchez

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