Why you eat the way you do

Why you eat the way you do

By: Victoria Lozada, Carlos Moratilla

232 pages

How to maintain a healthy relationship with eating, without prejudices, myths or stress, because nutrition is much more than just eating!

We eat more than we need to. We eat less than we need to. We eat food that we don’t need, and some essential foods are missing from our diet. We eat obsessively. We eat to forget. We eat in order not to get ill. We eat because of anxiety, through habit… We have a very special relationship with food, and people’s attitude to eating and nutrition can contribute greatly to our understanding of the phenomenon.

Without falling into well-meaning approaches and assertions that are loaded with good marketing techniques but which are lacking in content and veracity, Why You Eat The Way You Do  uses scientific rigour and true information to show us why feeding ourselves is more than just eating. Starting with the latest discoveries in psychology and nutrition, the authors offer simple solutions to complex problems. Because eating goes well beyond simply nourishing oneself. This book deals with that “well beyond”.



Victoria Lozada

About Victoria Lozada

Victoria Lozada, a dietitian and nutritionist, holds a master's degree in eating disorders and obesity. She specializes in vegetarian/vegan nutrition. Currently she has a private practice in Centro Aleris, Madrid, and offers personalized consulting online.

Carlos Moratilla

About Carlos Moratilla

Carlos Moratilla is a health psychologist and therapist and a graduate of the Autonomous University of Madrid. He specialised in Clinical and Health Psychology and the Prevention and Treatment of Addictive Behaviour at the University of Valencia. He runs a clinic at the Institute of the Psychology of Emotions and Health in Madrid.


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