Anatomy of Communication

Anatomy of Communication

The secret is in the temperament

By: Sofía de la Maza, Natalia Gironella

168 pages

Why is it that some people are so easy to get along with and others are not? Your partner doesn't understand you? Your boss doesn't listen to you? Do you know what your communication style is? Communication is essential in our relationships. But people are different and, consequently, so is the way we connect to people. The difference between success and failure can be made by adopting a communication style that is appropriate to our personality, the one that suits us best and best works to communicate with others. This book will help you understand the keys to your own way of communicating with people around you and to modulate its elements in order to improve your relationships.

Key facts:

  • Effective communication is essential if we want to success on a personal, social and professional level. This book helps to identify our best communicative style in order to improve our relationships with others.
  • The authors are specialists in communication and have a lot of experience in training, teaching and lecturing.


Sofía de la Maza

About Sofía de la Maza

Sofía de la Maza has been a lecturer in Financial Economics at the UAM since 1988 and since 1990 she has taught in different master courses at the Instituto de Empresa, the San Pablo CEU Business School and the IADE-UAM Institute of Business Administration.

Natalia Gironella

About Natalia Gironella

Natalia Gironella holds a degree in Journalism from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She also holds a PhD in Information Sciences and is an expert in non-verbal communication from Alcalá de Henares University.

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